*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023
*Iceland Volcano Eruption* July 2023



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Val Troll graduated from St Andrews University, Scotland in 1998 and received his PhD from the GEOMAR Research Centre, University of Kiel, Germany, in 2001. Troll then lectured in volcanolology and petrology at Trinity College Dublin (2001-2008), during which time he habilitated at the Blaise Pascal University Clermont-Ferrand, France, in 2006. In 2008, he took up the Chair of Petrology at Uppsala University, Sweden, which he currently holds.



Advised 25 PhD and 20 MSc students to completion.


Obtained >56 M SEK (ca. 4.9 M EUR)  to come directly to Uppsala University since installment in 2008.


>80 Invited Lectures and Keynote Talks since 2001. 


Since 2010: Frequent contributions to science documentaries, newspaper articles and TV news, including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC Earth, Swedish National TV and Swedish Radio (SVT and SR).


>170 scientific publications, 17 published reports, 6 scientific books, 2 course books, 1 children book and >400 conference abstracts.



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Origin, Evolution, and the Balance between Hazards and Resources.

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Porosity, strength, and alteration – Towards a new volcano stability assessment tool using VNIR-SWIR reflectance spectroscopy.

Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2023.


Gertisser, Troll, Walter, Nandaka & Ratdomopurbo (eds.):

Merapi Volcano

Book Series: Active Volcanoes of the World

572 pages, Springer, 2023.

This book provides the first comprehensive compilation of cutting-edge research on Merapi volcano on the island of Java, Indonesia, one of the most iconic volcanoes in the world. It integrates results from both the natural (geology, petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, physical volcanology) and social sciences, and provides state-of-the-art information on volcano monitoring, the assessment of volcanic hazards, and risk mitigation measures.

IAVCEI News No. 1, March 2023:

"This comprehensive collection of the latest research summarized
in a single, 18-chapter book has been termed ‘monumental’
(Corado Cimarelli) and a must read for any student of Merapi
volcano (John Pallister)."

Feel free to use the educational resources. Consider to ...


 Val Troll is educating on YouTube in   Volcanology, Petrology and   Geochemistry.



Volcanic Particles in Agriculture and Gardening

The two faces of Volcanoes

Learning to benefit from the monster



INTERVIEW with Chief Editor Ralf Gertisser


The Secret of Volcanoes: Fire, Beauty and Resources

Webinar for Ijen GeoPark, East Java, Indonesia, 15-Mar-2023

Interview with Prof. Nick Arndt

SUSTAINABLE Mining - Securing Metal Supplies for a Greener Future

Journal of Petrology

The PUBLICATION PROCESS  Interview with Executive Editor Prof. Georg Zellmer



With a Visit to La Palma

An introduction for the whole family

104 pages, English - Spanish, Ediciones Saquiro s.l., 2022.

GEO-Schule: Vulkanpartikel auf den Feldern Lanzarotes

GEO-Schule: Der Ätna bricht aus - Gespräch mit Dr. Boris Behncke vom Ätna Vulkanobservatorium




Pre-school "Haus für Kinder St. Sebastian" in Dettelbach, Germany, is running the project "Floating Rock" under supervision of Manuela Welter since 2019.

The kids use Youtube, get their questions answered by email and received soundfiles for their audio pen. Some of the content is known by heart by now.

In February 2023 the pre-school received the TOMMI Promotional Award Pre-School fromProf. Dr. Stefan Aufenanger and the Auerbach Foundation.

GEO-Schule: Vulkanausbruch auf Island, 12. August 2022

GEO-Schule: Am Vulkanschlot auf Island, 17. Juli 2023


Carracedo & Troll (eds.):

Teide Volcano

Book Series: Active Volcanoes of the World

279 pages, Springer, 2013.

Teide Volcano has many different meanings ... a 'hell of a job', a navigation point on cloudy days, a challenge beyond imagination, a breakthrough in our understanding of oceanic volcanism that has shaped our way of thinking about volcanoes, and lastly, Teide provides us with a reference point from where to start exploring other oceanic volcanoes in the Canaries and beyond. Here we have compiled the different aspects and the current understanding of this natural wonder.